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Modern Mobile-First Registration Software made for Your Small Business

Game-changing for Day Camps, Overnight Camps & Activity-based operators seeking user-friendliness.

For time savings, outstanding customer experiences, and a sleek, scalable design, look no further.

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Enhance your business with our mobile-friendly software. It’s tailored for the evolving expectations of today’s younger parents.

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10x Efficiency

Customers leveraging our software have observed efficiency gains, with many achieving up to 10x improvements.

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Businesses that transitioned to our software have observed sales increases, with some noting up to a 30% growth.

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5x Savings

Owners using our software reported reduced employee costs, with some cutting expenses by up to 5x.

At FunJoin, we prioritize your success.  If we can’t streamline your process, we’ll suggest a better fit.  Your win is our win.

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Mobile First, Mobile Foremost!

While many grappled with shifting from desktop to mobile, we began with mobile first.  All to deliver a top-tier experience for the savvy customers and employees out there.  And yes, that means you!

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You can Easily and Instantly:

  • Check In/Out
  • Sign Digital Forms
  • Process Payments
  • Manage Participants
  • View Schedules
  • Access Documents
  • And So Much More!

Customers can book easy on mobile devices for summer camps
Fun join Expert Design UI

Phenomenal Design Matters

Because Nobody Likes Ugly Apps. We’ve carefully concocted a blend that’s free of the ‘ugh’ and ‘argh’ moments.

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Our Employee Mobile App? Think of it as your PC's cooler, younger sibling who knows ten tricks for every one trick your PC knows.

Searching for "camp management software"? Sure, functionality and price matter. But don't forget about style and sass. Why?

Would your customers prefer a 15-minute, "watch-paint-dry" reservation or a zippy 1-2 minute, "didn't-even-spill-my-coffee" process?

Gracefully Manage Participants

Control in the palm of your hand!  Now More Graceful than a Ballerina!  All the control you need, right where you might’ve been holding a taco — in your hand!

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The FunJoin Mobile App: So fast, it makes cheetahs look lazy. Mark no-shows, cancel last-minute hair appointments (because you can!), squeeze in drop-ins, accept payments, shuffle schedules – all from your beach chair or coffee shop corner.

Check-ins? We get it. It's like the heartbeat of your business. Our app knows what business maestros (like you!) truly want to see. No fluff, just the VIP details.

Summer Camp Owners can Mange Participants Easy

At FunJoin, we take feedback like a high-end barista takes coffee orders: seriously and often.  We innovate our software so everyone can cut to the chase and get back to having FUN.  Why do you think we’re called FunJoin?  Hint: It’s not for any manual paperwork we’ll save you from doing.

Boost your efficiency, amplify your success, and elevate your FUN!

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