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Best Mobile App & Software for Summer Camps

FunJoin provides what outdoor summer camp operators need most.  Our software was born from the need to provide a better mobile app than the existing one-size-fits-all web apps that don’t work well outside.

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Best Mobile app software for summer camps
Easy Check-in and check-out for summer camps


Wish you could safely and securely check-in and check-out participants in 1 second from an iPhone or iPad mobile app?

Now you can!  The best check-in/out mobile app has arrived.

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The reason is you have greater speed, control, and functions with apps because internet browsers have more limitations.

Many competing software providers claim something called “mobile optimized” but currently, nothing beats a solid, natively-built mobile app.

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Get Payments

Our system allows you to receive customer payments faster than any other system.  This means less shopping cart abandonment.

Plus, you can also charge existing and new customers in seconds with our Mobile App. Access customer profiles to charge a card on file, enter/scan a new credit card, or send an invoice via email in seconds.

Get Payments with Ease

On the Go!

With our custom Employee Mobile App, you will finally have the power to go fully digital.

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Go Paperless and save time with rosters for your day camp

Rosters (Print/Paperless)

You can export/print, but with our software, you’ll never need to print rosters again.

Our Employee Mobile App gives you all you need at your fingertips in seconds (faster than paper).

You can take notes digitally directly on Participants or create digital Issues.

Track Issues

Easily document situations as they arise.

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Our Mobile App can create, document, label, and mention teammates as issues arise on the fly. Employees can describe the issue, take photos/videos, mention other employees, and include participants in seconds.

Your team can add notes and communicate specifically on the individual issue until it is appropriately resolved.

Easy create and track issues for summer camps
Increased Safety for Summer camp owners

Increased Safety

You can expect noticeable performance improvement from employees using our Mobile App. With customer and participant information easily accessible in seconds, your staff will be better prepared to provide a higher quality of service.

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  • Medical conditions
  • Allergies
  • Digital documents
  • Customer notes
  • Custom questions
  • Employee notes, etc.

Everything is organized elegantly and can be pulled up in 1-3 seconds with our Mobile App.

Streamlined Communication

Your employees can all communicate via our Issue and Mention features across platforms (Admin Panel and Employee Mobile App). This helps keep your essential work items organized in one place.

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Furthermore, it allows you to track progress and manage data more efficiently.

In the case of emergencies, phone calls/texts may work better, but communicating via our platforms typically helps prevent workflow interruptions.  This normally empowers employees to be more productive and happier.

Streamlined Communication for your summer camp
Schedule and Reschedule with software for day camps

To Schedule and To Reschedule

FunJoin provides customizable settings that enable your customers to easily make and change reservations in seconds.

Thought Leader Questions

How much time does scheduling/rescheduling currently require from your staff?

How easy is it for your customers to self-service their schedules and reservations?

Drop-Ins and Last-Minute Reservations Revolutionized

With our credit-based software, your ability to accept and manage Drop-Ins and last-minute reservations becomes easy and a fantastic way to increase your enrollment and overall revenue.

Manage Drop-ins with ease with revolutionary day camp software
Unlimited Upgrades for summer camp offereings


This optional functionality allows you to preset pricing for customers that wish to upgrade from one type of program/session to another type.


This allows you to make programs by-the-week, by-the-month, by-the-day, or any timeframe you need.

It’s easy to differentiate programs and make drop-ins available for any offering you create (at a markup if desired).

Customize your offerings with amazing day camp software
Credit based system for your summer camp


The FunJoin system is uniquely built using a credit-based architecture.

This allows you to presell any type of credits/packages you create without requiring customers to commit to their dates.

This will revolutionize your early bird and year round promotions. You can also set the system to require a Schedule and Pay option as well.


You can seamlessly view and manage participants in our Admin Panel or from our Employee Mobile App.

Experience being able to visualize, plan and manage your enrollment like never before.

Easy access to participant and employee information with FunJoin

“For Summer Camp owners who value saving time and incredible customer experiences!”

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