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Significant Value Matters

Once you are our client we take a team approach. We're here to help your business thrive! Our competitive pricing has many options based on your needs.

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Our clients cut down administrative work saving 10-20 hours a week, vastly improving customer/staff experiences, and increasing net revenue by 15% (with our FunPay). These numbers are based on the overall average of our 2023 data (many clients have seen even better results).

When running summer camps, programming for youth, and activities for participants, we focus on safety, education, and fun. Providing memorable, positive, and fun experiences for your people is a must, but your time can be limited. That's where FunJoin camp management software comes in with game-changing solutions!

Pay Annually Pay Monthly

Micro Tier

$ 249

  • + 2% of Transactions
  • Save 24%

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Business Tier

$ 349

  • + 1% of Transactions
  • Save 19%

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Custom Quotes

$ 99

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  • Start-ups, Small Business & Enterprise
    Fit Any Budget!

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Game-Changing Fun Awaits Your Business!

FunJoin constantly innovates, prioritizing new features that cater first to our existing clients. We focus on solving your problems, saving you time, and guaranteeing a user experience that’s straightforward and easy for your entire team to grasp. As your business flourishes, our software evolves alongside you, helping you scale.

Committed to making your growth cost-effective, we promise not to hike prices for existing clients as we roll out new innovations designed to help you succeed, thrive, and realize a fresh approach (our same-team approach) to navigating software solutions .

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Plan Details
Plan Details
Monthly Fees (based on annual pricing)
$249/mo+2% of Transactions
$349/mo+1% of Transactions
Three (3) Software Included
Our pricing encompasses three seamlessly integrated software solutions.
Employee Mobile App
Customer Hub
Admin Panel
Smart Forms
Custom Documents
Health Log
Attendance Tracking
Digital Documents
Reports & Tracking
One Type
One Type
Payment Plans
Promo Codes
User Roles & Permissions
Custom Phone Number
$20 Monthly
$20 Monthly
Bulk Text (SMS) Messaging
$0.10 per text
$0.10 per text
Bulk Emails
Mobile Payments
Customer Support

One-time Setup Fees
Set-up Fee
Independent Onboarding
Collaborative Onboarding
Bringing You More Fun!
Flexible Payments
Secure Payouts
Payment Processing
Adv. Management Tools
Customer (Family) Profiles
Custom Payment Methods
Pro Support Plan
$199 Monthly
$199 Monthly
Phone Support Plan
$99 Monthly
$99 Monthly
Export/Import Services
Starts at $500
Starts at $1,000
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Amplify Your Functionality, Freedom & Fun!

Connect with us, unveil the magic of FunJoin and supercharge your operations.

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Save Countless Manual Hours Lost!

Included in all pricing plans

Onboarding Options

We highly value our customers, taking a same-team approach, and strive to build long-term relationships. Upon applying your license, you'll have the opportunity to select from three comprehensive onboarding support options. Please note that the availability of onboarding support is dependent on your launch date, advance notice, and our current availability. FunJoin can offer discounts or even complimentary collaborative onboarding, depending on the timing.

Customer Support

FunJoin is dedicated to providing exceptional, ongoing customer support. We offer diverse communication channels including phone support, Zoom meetings, and private channel access for tailored, direct communication. Our support also encompasses a wealth of resources and guides, ensuring comprehensive assistance for businesses of all types, kinds & sizes. We are truly grateful to provide seamless transitions, continuous support, and more FUN!

Custom Documents

Create a seamless experience for your customers with Digital Docs, Custom Docs & Smart Forms (before/after registration). Our unique document review & reminder system will keep you moving at lightspeed.

Attendance Tracking

Easily view, export & manage your attendance through via Schedules, Report Center, and Participant profiles. Track check-ins and check-outs, view no-shows, rescheduled sessions, and cancellations all in one place.
60 day money back guarantee

60-Day Money-back Guarantee

We are 100% confident you will love FunJoin! First-time customers may opt-in for a 60-Day Money-back Guarantee.

Financial Help Available

Special discounts are available for non-profits and small business owners who have faced undue hardship due to Covid or other economic downturns.

Please use the link below to apply for consideration and discounts.  We are here to help.

You Deserve the Best Software

Our one-of-a-kind solution is designed to help your business grow. 

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need the Employee Mobile App?

We created this for forward-thinking business owners like you.  Step aside, superheroes – thanks to the FunJoin Employee Mobile App, small business owners can now manage operations on-the-go!  Using it isn’t mandatory, but with powers like these, why wouldn’t you?

The Employee Mobile App offers cutting-edge functionality exclusively designed for owners, managers, and staff, equipped with easily customizable permissions to ensure the right access for every teammate.

Do you offer Free Trials?

Doesn’t it often feel like ‘Free’ trials disappear just when you’re getting started?  Many barely last 2 to 4 weeks.  We understand small businesses need more than a fleeting moment to assess value.  At FunJoin, we stand by our commitment to your success with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee on our monthly/annual base price, including the license fee.

At FunJoin, we value genuine partnerships.  Just like you, we’re committed to ensuring each of our customers gets the devoted quality attention they’re worthy of — after all, you’re our VIP!  Once your invoice is stamped, signed, and maybe serenaded (alright, perhaps just paid), we’ll set the schedule for your personalized onboarding.

Tight on budget?  If the Micro Tier, or Business Tier feels like a stretch, use the Custom Quote option.  Our FunJoin mission?  To empower small business champions like you.  Money shouldn’t stand in the way. If you’ve got questions or simply fancy a chat, we’re here for you — anytime.

How fast can we get Set-up?

The answer often is ‘it depends’, but we have a clear roadmap we stand by.

The Operator Excellence Mastery Plan:
1. Get Fun Demo
2. Select Your Tier
3. Launch and Thrive

Together we’ll make a timeline specifically tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Can I move my existing data to FunJoin

Absolutely!  You have the option to input your data manually.

Need a data-moving hero?  We offer an import service (starting at just $495) that’ll swoop in and handle the whole transition, giving you more ‘me’ time or, let’s be real, more ‘business’ time.  Our data import service generally completes in 1 to 3 business days.

Already in a Contract? We've Got You!

Trapped with legacy software due to a contract?  It’s like using a VHS in a Netflix era!  At FunJoin, we’re the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.  For our small business heroes, we provide credits and discounts to ensure a swift and seamless transition.  No waiting needed!  Curious?  Reach out for the scoop!

What Industries do you Serve?

If you’re a small business owner offering activity-based experiences, FunJoin is perfect for you.

Ever wish you had a magic wand to zap those tedious tasks away?  FunJoin specializes not only to automate the mundane but also to streamline your operations, giving you back those precious hours.  Think of it as your backstage crew, letting you take the spotlight for growth and strategy.  Abra-cadabra, overheads be gone!

We’re experts in supporting Day Camps, Overnight Camps, and Activity-driven Service Businesses.

Purpose of the Set-up fee?

The one-time setup fee of $495 is our direct developer cost in seamlessly launching your company onto our secure servers.  We understand every dollar counts when you’re running a business, so if this fee poses any concerns, please let us know.  We’re here to support and find a way forward.  Together, we’re paving the way for enhanced efficiency, happier customers, and greater time-freedom through our software.

Who is your Payment Processor?

FunJoin, with small businesses in mind, partners with for secure payment processing.  Your business will have its personalized account within Stripe.  Prioritizing security, FunJoin doesn’t directly store credit card details.  Yet, our integration ensures you can effortlessly accept and process payments from stored cards.

FunJoin’s Cancellation Policy?

Like you, we get small business needs.  Our founder?  He’s been let down by legacy software company promises more times than a campfire’s been rained on.  But hey, no hard feelings!  That just inspired us to roll up our sleeves and do better.  So, not only are we here delivering where others didn’t, but we also offer a breezy 60-day refund policy.  Because peace of mind is the least we can do for our fellow business trailblazers!

  • Risk-Free Trial:  We provide a 60-day money-back guarantee on the base monthly/annual license fee.
  • Transactions:  Any successful transactions (payments you’ve received from your customers) go through, our trusted payment processor.  Their processing fees and our transaction charges are non-refundable.
  • Setup Fee:  The one-time setup fee of $495 is our direct developer cost in seamlessly launching your company onto our secure servers.
  • Post-Trial Cancellations:  If you wish to cancel after the initial 60 days, please refer to our Master License Agreement and your individual Preferred Pricing Quote for guidance.

We’re confident that FunJoin can be a state-of-the-art solution for your business.  Helping you save time, increase revenue and drive positive growth.  But above all, our heart beats for the small businesses we serve.  We’re on a mission turning ‘Legacy System Handlers’ into ‘Elite Modern Operators‘.  Are you ready for the game-changing transformation?

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