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FunJoin has begun transforming software for summer camps.

Our innovations are entirely unique to FunJoin software. The entire infrastructure was coded to support our credit-based approach, while also fulfilling Schedule & Pay requirements. Innovations are also in the fundamental design geared for delightfully efficient experiences for your customers and employees (via our one-of-a-kind Mobile App).

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Mobile software for day camps

Any Type of Credit

Credit-based expertly empowers your vision

We’ve found customers typically purchase up to 30% more using our system because they can buy credits without committing to a date.  

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Our credit-based software is a massive game-changer for business owners.  Fuel more sales and growth while saving your customers money.  How?  Create credit packages that you can presell/sell to customers.

Unfortunately, dollar-based architecture has numerous limitations on how you can create and design credits, passes, tickets, etc. whereas our system does not.  This allows the customers the freedom to purchase the credits you create then schedule and reschedule at their leisure.

Mobile Realized

Mobile Matters 1st and Mobile Matters Most

That is our design motto.

We’ve mindfully designed our software to empower customers to achieve checkout in less than one minute.  Moreover, our mobile app allows your employees in the field to do the same.

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If a potential customer has a problem paying, scheduling, or rescheduling on a mobile device with your business, you are potentially losing that customer.  They may abandon your cart or think they will do it later from home, and then forget.  Or even worse, they click on your advertisement, abandon checkout, and then google the keywords again only to sign up with your competitor.

IOS and Android mobile app software for summer camps
Fun join Expert Design UI


Astounding Design Does Make a Fundamental Difference

Our intelligent flexible system encourages quick payment and allows customers to continue now or later with other requirements.

Your business acquiring a new customer’s commitment and payment comes first and fast with FunJoin.  That is merely one difference in our UX design.

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Exceptional design is one of the main reasons Apple is the world’s number one brand.   In our case, user experience design also called UX design distinguishes our solution.

We take Apple’s methodology in keeping our UX simple, clean, elegant, and focused (on what is most important).  It is important that everything be intuitive and easy for our users because we’re not only focusing on conveying a result but actually on how to best achieve it.  We focus on how to accomplish the result optimally while weighing if it’s truly necessary to develop it.

For example, overly complicated checkout systems can ask customers to take up to 20+ actions (every time a customer is asked to complete a field, click a button, confirm, etc. is considered an action) which can take customers 10min to 15min simply to complete an initial payment.


Gracefully Manage Participants

Manage your attendance on our Employee Mobile App with our unique Check-In/Out functionality. Scan QR codes, click “IN” or “OUT” to get participants into programs/sessions fast. The FunJoin app works faster and more efficiently. It allows you to mark no-shows, cancel appointments, take drop-ins, accept payments, schedule and reschedule from any location.  

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We expertly understand how vital the check-in process is.  Our mobile app selectively highlights the things business owners genuinely care about most.

For example, 1st time participants are labeled “NEW”, and we have clear icons on participants with allergies, medical conditions, and missing paperwork.  This empowers your employees to quickly view the complete picture of participants in seconds to welcome them professionally into your program/session.

Mobile check-In & check-out for day camp owners
Scheduling software for day camp owners

Scheduling and Rescheduling

The ability for your customers to independently schedule and reschedule significantly frees up your office employees to focus on other tasks.

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You can customize and set the timeframe that works with your company policy for independent customer rescheduling.  Even when the timeframe elapses for your customers, your admin can still reschedule notable customers complimentarily or charge a rescheduling fee.

Essential reminders are even built into our design to remind your employees to let your customers know about your company policies and reconfirm date selections when completing reservations and scheduling over the phone.


The possibilities are limitless

Upgrades allow business owners to better plan for situations that happen regularly, set up additional profitable pricing, and empower employees/admins to upgrade customers in seconds with a couple of clicks.

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Upgrades inside FunJoin allow you to upsell customers faster.  Of course, it depends on how you structure your credits, and may not apply to your current business pricing structure (you may wish to consider this option).

An example of an upgrade: Let’s say your half-day price is $100, and your full-day price is $150. A customer already paid for a half-day and had so much fun they want to upgrade to full-day. Instead of charging them $50 or another $100 for the remaining half-day, your upgrade can charge them $75. Therefore, they are paying a little more than usual (for the last-minute upgrade), and they are still saving money (it’s the happy medium).

Payment software for day camps

Designed by genuine operators for business owners who care about not wasting time and realizing authentic value for their customers, employees, and management team.

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