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Employee Mobile App

Elevate your Staff!

FunJoin has created a Mobile App that empowers you and your staff to operate better than ever before!

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Mobile App

Elevate your Staff!

FunJoin Mobile App
Run your Business from the Palm of your Hand

Run your Business from the Palm of your Hand

Need to switch seamlessly between your programs or locations on the go? Want to quickly view your future schedules and plan ahead while you’re out and about? Need to charge a customer for an add-on or enroll them in an offering on the fly? With the FunJoin Mobile App, you can!

The FunJoin Mobile App allows you to run your business from the palm of your hand! You can seamlessly switch between different Fun Box Types or Locations and have the associated data loaded in seconds. With the intuitive Calendar View, you can easily access future rosters. Plus, you can effortlessly add Participants to Schedules or charge them for additional services in a matter of seconds!

Improve your Tracking and Record Keeping On the Go

The Mobile App allows you to keep track of attendance and manage participants from the Today Page. This page will serve as your “Command Center” for Mobile Attendance Tracking.

From this page, you can see which Participants are planning to attend a specific Program or Session. You can easily check-in or check-out Participants with just one quick tap, or for added security, you can even use a unique QR code!

Improve your Tracking and Record Keeping On the Go
Increase Safety and Improve the Quality of your Program

Increase Safety and Improve the Quality of your Program

The FunJoin Mobile App improves communication and enhances your employees’ ability to solve problems fast.

Through the Issues feature, your team can create various types of issue reports. You can add notes, notify teammates, and tag Participants. Issues can be easily tracked and are automatically updated across FunJoin Platforms. With this feature, your team can efficiently document and resolve any behavioral problems, safety issues, or medical concerns that arise.

More reasons why this feature is the best!

Unparalleled Performance

Unparalleled Performance

The FunJoin App is a cutting edge natively built mobile application. It is optimized for speed and reliability. Our App can be used anywhere, anytime.

Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive User Experiences

Our App is purposely engineered to be exceptionally user-friendly. From the curated Calendar Views to simple Document Reminders, all elements prioritize speed and efficiency.

Data at Your Fingertips

Data at Your Fingertips

The FunJoin App automatically integrates and syncs with the Admin Panel and Customer Hub. Any changes made in the App will be synced to all Platforms. This ensures you always have all your data at your fingertips.

Collect Mobile Payments

Collect Mobile Payments

The FunJoin App gives you multiple ways to accept payments on the go. Through our integration with Stripe, you can accept payments on a mobile device securely and instantly. You can either charge Customers’ credit and debit cards or send invoices.

Learn about other FunJoin Features

Fun Box Types

Effortlessly Organize and Manage Your Different Sessions and Programs
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Digital Docs

Enable Customers to Sign Digitally and Eliminate Paperwork Hassles

Flexible Payments

Offer your Customers a Plethora of Convenient and Secure Payment Options
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Mobile App FAQs

Do I need the Employee Mobile App?

We created this for forward-thinking business owners like you.  Step aside, superheroes – thanks to the FunJoin Employee Mobile App, small business owners can now manage operations on-the-go!  Using it isn’t mandatory, but with powers like these, why wouldn’t you?

The Employee Mobile App offers cutting-edge functionality exclusively designed for owners, managers, and staff, equipped with easily customizable permissions to ensure the right access for every teammate.

Do customers need to download the Employee Mobile App?

This app’s our little secret – reserved for you and your stellar team.  Customers will manage their reservations in our web-based, mobile-first Customer Hub.  No backstage passes for them!

🗓️ Attendance Tracking ➖ Three Key Takeaways!

1.  Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  No, it’s arguably the most advanced attendance mobile app in the universe!  Dive into its user-friendliness and wave a cheeky goodbye to those dinosaur-era scheduling systems, legacy softwares, and frustrating spreadsheets.  Welcome to the age of paperless swagger.

2.  Go from zero to hero in the blink of an eye!  Swiftly check in/out with a one-tap, QR-code scan, or passcode/signature.

3.  Be the mastermind who tracks who’s checked in/out in real-time, while tracking customer usage, and managing powerful scheduling/rescheduling with the finesse of a circus performer – all in mere seconds, yes!

Brace yourself, because apps like this come once in a blue moon!

📣 Modern Communication ➖ Three Key Takeaways!

From catching customer curveballs, managing the everyday juggle, to being the emergency MVP, we’re the Watson to your Sherlock!

1.  Reach any customer or emergency contact in mere seconds.  Choose to Text (SMS), Call, or Email them directly.

2.  Instantly create, record, and update Issues (used for incident reports, tasks, and communications).  You have the option to tag relevant participants and @mention team members for immediate attention.

3.  Pull up any completed Document in seconds.  Quickly send unsigned Document reminders via Text or Email, or let them Sign Directly on your device.

P.S.  You can your own phone number for communications, or let us generate a dedicated number for your business.

💵 Payments & Scheduling ➖ Three Key Takeaways!

Nowadays, things zip by faster than kids chasing an ice cream truck!  With FunJoin, trade in those old-timey canoes for jet skis and make waves in the modern era.

  1.  Charge a customer’s credit card swiftly and securely in seconds.
  2.  Perfect for accommodating drop-ins or those unexpected changes, without the tether of a traditional desktop.
  3.  Effortlessly reschedule participants whenever needed.  Unlike the usual legacy software that ties you down, ours grants you the power of the mobile era, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Say goodbye to the days of being anchored to a computer station.  Embrace true freedom, cutting-edge software, and dynamic agility in running your business.  Swap out that old camp compass for FunJoin’s GPS!  Crafted by seasoned industry experts, our software ensures you’re not just following the campfire smoke, but lighting the way for others.