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Smart Forms

True Paperwork Freedom!

Streamline your registration process with FunJoin’s intuitive and customizable Smart Forms. They empower you to ask any type of question and create the perfect flow for your Participants. Designing seamless registration experiences has never been easier.

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Smart Forms

True Paperwork Freedom!

Smart Forms - FunJoin
Smart Forms - Completely Customizable Registration Process

Completely Customizable Registration Process

There is no “one-size fits all” registration flow. Every business needs a unique signup process. In addition, attendees at your different Sessions and Programs will need to answer different questions to guarantee the safest and most enriching experience possible. 

With FunJoin’s Smart Forms, this is now possible!

Smart Forms allow you to ask questions, present information, and obtain Virtual Signatures. Smart Forms are completely customizable. You can ask different types of questions, make questions optional or required, and decide if questions get asked before or after Customers schedule. The choice is yours!

Ask Anything You Need

Smart Forms allow you the flexibility to ask different types of questions in an intuitive, organized way.

Ask Important Questions and Secure Signatures. Have critical safety questions parents need to answer? Need to inform your attendees about risks and receive consent? Want attendees to agree to a Liability or Media Release? Smart Forms are the perfect solution! You can present information, get answers, and obtain a Virtual Signature.

Gain insights on your Participants. Want to better understand your attendees before they arrive? It’s easy to make your programming more fun and engaging by asking about your Participants’ preferences, favorite activities, or goals.

Learn More about Your Customers. Want to gain insights to enhance your programming and marketing efforts? With Smart Forms, you can learn how your Customers found you, request feedback, and more.

Ask Anything You Need - Smart Forms
Mobile Customer Experience - Smart Forms

Mobile Customer Experience

Say goodbye to cumbersome questionnaires that frustrate and discourage Customers. 

With FunJoin, your Customers do not need to labor away at their desktop to complete a never-ending registration process.

Instead, they can do it all quickly from their mobile device!

FunJoin’s Customer Hub offers a totally mobile-friendly customer experience. It has been carefully designed to ensure that every question is clearly presented, easy to understand, and fast to answer. Customers are only assigned questions based on what they signed up for, so they will never waste time with pointless questions.

More reasons why this feature is the best!

Effortlessly Export Answers

Effortlessly Export Answers

Need to check out all your Participants’ answers? You can quickly export your answers to a .csv file.

Easy to Send Reminders

Easy to Send Reminders

Fun Join enables you to effortlessly send reminders to Customers so they can answer their Smart Forms in time!

Obtain Virtual Signatures

Obtain Virtual Signatures

You can use Smart Forms to collect Virtual Signatures from your Customers. This is particularly useful for obtaining permissions and releases!

Track Unanswered Questions

Track Unanswered Questions

You can rapidly review which Participants have unanswered Smart Forms. In addition, your Customers can also easily track their progress through their Dashboard.

Expiring Answers

Expiring Answers

Do you need attendees to answer questions only once or every time they attend? With Smart Forms, you can set expiration dates on the answers to your registration questions. After they expire, attendees will need to answer again.

Conduct Research to Gain Insight

Conduct Research to Gain Insight

Want to take your business to the next level? Use Fun Join’s Smart Forms to conduct polls, perform research, request feedback, and become better than ever!

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Smart Form FAQs

What makes Smart Forms “Smart”?

  • Smart Forms are automatically assigned when a Participant is added to the Schedule.
  • Smart Forms can be tied to specific Offerings, meaning you always ask the right questions and never ask unnecessary ones.
  • Smart Forms know when they haven’t been completed and can automatically send reminders to complete.

How do I access the answers to the Smart Forms?

Smart Forms answers can be accessed through the Admin. Panel, Customer Hub, and Employee Mobile App. They can also be exported to .csv.

Do Customers answer Smart Forms before or after they Schedule?

It’s up to you. Smart Forms can be completed before or after scheduling.

I offer a few different types of services. Will all my Customers need to answer the same Smart Form?

Absolutely not. You can create a unique Smart Form for each of your Offerings. For example,  “Toddler Swim Camp” and “Teen Swim Camp” can have totally different Smart Forms.  

What Types of Answers Can I Obtain Through Smart Forms?

  • Short Text
  • Long Text
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Choice
  • Virtual Signature

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Smart Form?

You decide. You choose which questions to ask. You can make your Smart Forms simple or complex.

Can I use a Smart Form to replace some of my other forms/paperwork?

Since Smart Forms have a Virtual Signature feature, Customers can swiftly and effortlessly complete all the required paperwork on the go! Customers can be prompted to add a Signature to provide consent, grant permission, or confirm acknowledgement.  In this way, a Smart Form can replace a “traditional” liability release, medical consent form, or permission slip. You can also handle your forms/paperwork through FunJon’s Custom and Digital Documents.