Fun Join Was Built With True Flexibility for Business Owners in Mind

Our schedule sets allow you to run multiple offerings simultaneously, back-to-back, with convenient and customizable drop-in pricing.

This means you can creatively make credit types and packages for seamless use with your offerings.  Whether you provide hourly sessions or weekly/monthly programs, you can easily schedule your offerings to fit your business needs.

Payments from customers have never been easier for everyone!

Our Mobile App allows your employees to charge customers on-the-go securely and seamlessly

Our Customer Web experience was built mobile-first because most reservations are via phone

The Admin Panel helps your employees easily manage customers via custom CRM

Quickly charge cards on file, send invoices, and even upgrade reservations

The Fun Join team has ensured every point of payment opportunity (on-site, online, on-the-road, etc.) can be completed fast, smoothly, and securely.

Real Speed With Increased Quality

The comfort, speed, and efficiency you can access and manage your business activities, customers, and processes are where we shine. Our streamlined tools are designed to help you, your employees, and your customers get everything done faster.

You can outstandingly check-in/out participants via our mobile app in less than one second.

Truly revolution your digital capabilities

Our mobile app was designed and optimized for outdoor usage (many tools don’t consider the real-life use cases of operators of what is needed out in the field).

We’ve also integrated digital forms into our mobile app. This means you can have your customers sign a required form directly on your device, send them an email/text to sign, or take a photo of paper forms that will directly upload onto their profile (all from your iPhone/iPad).

Your ability to access, edit, and manage participant data helps increase: safety, response time, sales, efficiency, and overall professionalism.

Fun Join’s 3-in-1 Software Solution

Our solution has three robust platforms that all work seamlessly together unlike competitors who don’t offer an employee/manager Mobile App.

Mobile App

Innovative tool to check-in/out, process payments, manage participants, plan effectively and be fully digital.

Admin Panel

Customer relationship management (CRM), business controls/customizations, and much more.

Customer Web

Built for mobile, it allows your customers to intuitively: pay, schedule, reschedule and manage their reservations.

The Fun Join App is 3x to 6x more efficient for outdoor activity-based businesses