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Mobile Attendance Tracking

A Game-Changer for your Business!

Effortlessly keep track of attendance and manage all your Participants from the palm of your hand with the FunJoin Employee Mobile App.

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Mobile Attendance Tracking

A Game-Changer for your Business!

Mobile Attendance Tracking - FunJoin
Instantly Check In and Check Out

Check In and Check Out

Attendance Tracking has never been easier than with the FunJoin Employee Mobile App.

With one quick tap, you can Check In or Check Out a Participant.

You can even add an extra layer of security by scanning a Participant’s unique QR code to Check In or Out. 

All Attendance Tracking Updates seamlessly sync across all FunJoin platforms!

Easy Access to Participant Information and Documents

Attendance Tracking is just the beginning! You can easily:

  • Edit a Participant’s information
  • Change a Participant’s Schedule
  • Check for allergies or medical concerns
  • Add Employee or Customer Notes
  • Get documents signed
  • Charge for last-minute add-ons or upgrades
  • And much more

FunJoin empowers you to gracefully manage your Participants and Schedules on the go. 

Easy Access Participant Information and Documents
Curated Roster Views

Curated Roster Views

The Today Page has been carefully designed to help your Programs and Sessions run as smoothly as possible.

Each Fun Box Type comes with a Curated Today Page, which cleanly displays all the Participants that are attending that day’s Sessions and Programs. 

Your Today Page may show attendees for a day of summer camp, campers for a whole week of overnight camp, or students for an after-school program.

More reasons why this feature is the best!

Timestamped and Tracked

Time-stamped and Tracked

All Attendance Tracking Updates are time-stamped, so you’ll know precisely when a Participant was Checked In or Checked Out. You can also track which Employee made the Update.

Mark No Show

Mark No Shows

If you have a Participant that does not attend the Program or Session they are Signed Up for, it is simple to designate them as a No Show.

Easily Call or Text

Easily Call or Text

Need to quickly contact a Participant’s Parents? You can easily access a Participant’s contacts from the Mobile App and tap to initiate a phone call or send a text message. 

Effortless to Correct

Effortless to Correct

Accidentally make a mistake? No worries. You can fix errors as quickly as you can check Participants in and out. Just tap Undo! 

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Mobile Attendance Tracking FAQs

Is there Participant Medical Information on the Mobile App?

Only key medical concerns or allergies are available on the mobile app. We only have information that is pertinent to your participants having a safe and fun time. FunJoin is entirely HIPAA compliant, so all medical information is managed with the highest level of security.

Is this a Mobile App for parents?

No, this Mobile App is for your Employees to run the business on the go!