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Flexible Payments

Limitless Ways to Sell Your Services!

FunJoin’s flexible payment options create a better customer experience, boost sales, and drive more repeat business.

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Flexible Payments

Limitless Ways to Sell Your Services!

Flexible Payments

Give Your Customers Options

In FunJoin, you control how your Customers purchase your services.

Schedule & Pay

Schedule & Pay Flow

Customers will select Sessions and/or Programs, then make a purchase to enroll.

Buy & Redeem Credits

Buy Credits & Redeem Flow

Customers will purchase Credits, then redeem their Credits to enroll in Sessions and/or Programs. 

Unlock the Power of Credits

In FunJoin, Customers can purchase Credits that can be redeemed for the services you offer. 

  • Customers will select the Session or Program they want to join, then redeem their Credits to enroll.
  • Credits allow your Customers to buy now and schedule when they are ready.
  • Since Customers can make a purchase without committing to a date, you’ll see increased sales and decreased “shopping cart abandonment.”
  • Credits provide flexibility and convenience to Customers while also generating revenue in advance.
Unlock the Power of Credits
Dynamic Packages & Promotions

Dynamic Packages & Promotions

With FunJoin, you can effortlessly offer your Customers compelling incentives to buy your services. 

You can create attractive packages of your Sessions and Programs that will entice your Customers to “buy in bulk.” These packages allow you to deliver more value and increase your average transaction value.

In addition, you can create an incredibly diverse assortment of Promo Codes. It’s a breeze to create Early Bird Discounts, First Time Customer Incentives, Rewards for Referring Customers, and so much more!

Schedule and Pay at Lightning Speed

With FunJoin, Customers can make their selections and submit payment in seconds.

Customers can easily find and select their desired Session or Program from our intuitive, mobile-friendly calendar interface.

Next, they will be taken to a Checkout Page where they can have multiple secure ways to pay.

After payment is received, the Participants will be added to the Schedule, and the Customers will be sent an email confirmation.

Schedule and Pay at Lightning Speed

More reasons why this feature is the best!

Pay by Invoice

Pay by Invoice

FunJoin’s Pay by Invoice feature makes it easy to accept checks, cash, or other alternative payment methods. You can conveniently track outstanding payments and securely collect funds without the hassle and headaches.

Powered By Stripe

Powered by Stripe

FunJoin processes payments through Stripe. Stripe is a secure, reliable, and PCI-compliant payment processor trusted by millions of businesses. Read More

Credit Customization

Credit Customization

Every Credit you create can have its own price and properties. You can upgrade Credits, set Credits to expire, and more.

Collect Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

With FunJoin, accepting payments on mobile devices is extremely user-friendly. You can charge Customers’ cards or send an invoice with a few taps.

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Flexible Payments FAQs

Why are there so many ways for Customers to buy?

FunJoin allows you a multitude of ways to sell and promote your services for a reason. We are obsessed with making it simple and fast for your Customers to purchase your services. Our flexible payment options help you accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of your customers. Having more options allows you to capture as many potential sales as possible. Additionally, catering to your Customers improves their experience and boosts their satisfaction.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a widely-used and highly trusted online payment processing platform. Stripe has advanced security features that protect sensitive payment information. In addition, Stripe allows you to accept payments from a wide variety of different sources, including card payments, digital wallets, bank transfers, and more.

What about Refunds?

You can grant a Customer a full or partial refund with just a few clicks. In addition, instead of just returning their money, you can offer to give your Customer a Credit, which can be redeemed for another Session or Program.

I am unsure if Credits are right for my business, do I have to use them?

No. While Credits provide great benefits to you and your Customers, we understand they may not be right for every business. You control whether or not to offer Credits to your Customers. If you do not want to, you can only offer the “Schedule and Pay” option.

My business has a lot of promotions/promo codes. Can I manage them all through FunJoin?

You have total control over your Promo Codes. You decide which Customers can use which Promo Codes. You choose when your Promo Codes expire and the amount of the discount received. There are many other controls you can use to customize your promotions. Best of all, it’s quick and straightforward to analyze their effectiveness.

How does Pay by Invoice work?

At Checkout, Customers will select “Pay by Invoice.” They will be automatically issued an invoice through Stripe. They will have a variety of payment options they can submit. As soon as the payment is received, the Participants will be automatically added into the Schedule.

What are some examples of Credit Customization?

You can offer to Upgrade Credits.
Example: You can upgrade a Half-Day Session to a Full-Day Session in seconds. You select the fee you want to charge for this Upgrade. Customers can also have the option to “Self-Upgrade”

You can set Credits to Expire.
Example: 2023 Summer Camp Credits need to be used by 9/1/2023. This incentives Customers to use their credits sooner rather than later.