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Our Mission

“Create software that automates, mobilizes, and empowers fun!”

Our Mission FunJoin Software
Our Mission FunJoin Software

Vision & Values

Our Vision
Create innovative software that helps people better connect together and with nature

Our Values

  • Everything that we create and do supports a healthy lifestyle
  • Always build and scale with time freedom in mind
  • Never sacrifice integrity internally or externally
  • Lead by example and regularly have fun
Our Vision and Values
Who We Are

Who We Are

A Smart and FUN team!

  • 100% Dedicated
  • Genius Developers
  • Innovative Designers
  • Passionate & Empathetic
  • Great Communicators
  • Love to Help

Our Philosophy

  • Communication, Empathy and Mindfulness with people are positively practiced
  • Strive for and achieve simplicity by “Use Case” and by the “User”
  • Design User Experiences that are Clearly Understood
  • Develop what people need to Save Time
Our Philosophy
Allen D King


Inspired by Necessity and Fueled with Purpose.

Founder and CEO, Allen King created FunJoin after two decades of running huge summer camps in Los Angeles. When he could not find a modern day-camp software to fit the flexibility and mobile needs of his growing business he became inspired to create it himself. After 3 years of extensive development and rigorous real-world testing, he was grateful and motivated to share it. This aligns with his personal life mission to help as many people as possible.

Our Why

As fellow coaches, educators, teachers, and business owners we understand how impactful the experiences we share are for everyone. Organizing, registrations, administration, etc. should not eat up so much time, and shouldn’t be stressful. With new software and technology, we can now save more time than ever before – without losing the high-quality personalization we hold dear.

We know by empowering business owners, their employees, and customers we’re saving countless hours wasted on the mundane. Our hope is that those “new free hours” be spent having fun, transforming lives, and enjoying the world IRL (In Real Life).

Why FunJoin
FunJoin was built for business owners who value saving time, incredible customer experiences, and elegant mobile apps that scale their operation

Join us, increase your efficiency, increase your success, and increase your FUN!