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Designed to help businesses operate 10x Faster, 10x Smarter, and 10x FUN!

If you value saving time, incredible customer experiences, and elegant design that scales, this is for you.

Three robust platforms seamlessly working together

Leading Mobile Solution

With over 60% of reservations being made on mobile devices, we’ve designed “mobile-first and foremost.” We took painstaking steps to design and develop a FAST user experience on mobile. This means that your customers will be able to book and pay faster. They will also be able to schedule and reschedule independently quickly.

Phenomenal Design Matters

When comparing and searching for software, a mistake that business owners tend to make is they only compare functionality and pricing. We suggest you also consider the design and user experience!  Why?

Would your customers rather spend 15 minutes or 1-2 minutes making a reservation?  

Often poorly designed software frustrates customers, and they end up calling to have your office book/change the reservation for them.  Let Fun Join save you and your customers this time because you both deserve better!

Communication Solves Problems

Communication matters more and more as your business grows. Our unique and innovative tools allow you and your team to synchronize faster and efficiently manage your customers, activities, situations, etc. The mobile app we’ve designed has essential management tools that empower your employees to operate at a higher level.

They will have the ability to check-in/out participants, schedule and reschedule, charge and invoice customers, manage digital forms, communicate with you and teammates, create issues, and the list continues.

The mobile app usage has been optimized for outdoor use, which empowers you to have everything you need digitally on the go, so you can leave the paperwork where it belongs (in the tree).

Credit-Based Software Wins

Our software changes the game for business owners because it is credit-based. Finally, you can create any type of credit or package that you can presell easier and faster.

Most of the software you will find in the marketplace will be built in dollar-based architecture. This creates a lot of limitations on how you can create and design credits, passes, tickets, etc. With our innovative credit-based system, customers can purchase the credits you set-up quickly and then have the option to schedule and reschedule at their leisure.

We have seen companies increase their sales up to 30% when switching over to our Credit-Based system.

This will enable customers to save money by pre-purchasing credits, and this also helps you generate more income that fuels growth or supports you during the off-season.  You can also control when and if credits expire, which helps with special promotions.

Join us, increase your FUN!

Industries Fun Join is perfect for

Day Camps

For those who get fun outside

After School

Fun learning with new experiances & activities


Keeps kids active & entertained


Young & Fit
Never too early


Versatile skill development activities

Day Cares

Safe and fun environment for kids

Small Business

Cutomers rely on you.
You can rely on us


Growing up just got a lot more fun

Credit-based software wins

Our credit-based software is a huge game-changer

10x Faster

Check-In, Upgrade, Digitally Sign, etc. via our Mobile App


Operators switching have seen up to 30% increase in sales

5x Savings

Features like “Self-Reschedule” equals big Admin cost savings


Our mission at Fun Join is to build beautiful software that enables you and your customers to spend less time online so you can have FUN!

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Main features overview

Easily Collect Customers’ Payments

Real Speed With Increased Quality

Built With True Flexibility in Mind

You can charge cards on file, send invoices and even upgrade reservations for your customized price.

You can creatively make credit types and packages for seamless use with your offerings. As well as, easily schedule your offerings to fit your business needs.

Our streamlined tools are designed to help you, your employees, and your customers get everything done faster. You can outstandingly check-in/out participants via our mobile app in less than one second.

Our admin panel platform gives you customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, business controls/customizations, and much more.

The customer web platform (built for mobile) allows your customers to intuitively: pay, schedule, reschedule and manage their reservations.

The mobile app for employees provides the most innovative tool to check-in/out, process payments, manage participants, plan effectively and go fully digital in an outdoor setting.

Customer Web Platform

Mobile App For Employees

Admin Panel Platform

What our clients say

Most of our innovations are entirely unique to Fun Join

Fun Join has launched and is disrupting the industry

Other competitors may try and compare features and functions, but we’re actually in a different league altogether

Credit-based expertly empowers your vision

Our credit-based software is a massive game-changer for business owners.  Fuel more sales and growth while saving your customers money.  How?  Create credit packages that you can presell/sell to customers.

We’ve found customers typically purchase up to 30% more using our system because they can buy credits without committing to a date.

Mobile Matters 1st and Mobile Matters Most

We took painstaking steps to design and develop a FAST user experience on mobile. This means that your customers will be able to book and pay faster.

Phenomenal Design Matters

Not only consider functionality and pricing when searching soft for your need. We suggest you also consider the design and user experience! Why?

Would your customers rather spend 15 minutes or 1-2 minutes making a reservation?

Gracefully Manage Participants

The Fun Join app works faster and more efficiently. It allows you to mark no-shows, cancel appointments, take drop-ins, accept payments, schedule and reschedule from any location.

We expertly understand how vital the check-in process is.  Our mobile app selectively highlights the things business owners genuinely care about most.

Inspire – Innovate – Improve

Our approach for Fun Join is to continue innovating our software through the feedback we get from those that use it. Saving time for everyone so we can enjoy ourselves and have FUN is at the core of what we’re continually developing.

Increase your efficiency, increase your success, and increase your FUN!